After the death of the beloved Royal Mage of the kingdom, the king of the land set out a challenge to find his replacement. Wizards from far and wide came to vie for the position. As the challenge was set forth a few of the smarter and sneakier ones thought of a good way to get a leg up. They made their way into the secret dungeon of the former Royal Mage and decided to loot it for what they needed to win... But only one can win, so the battle for the loot began.

Lootin' Wizards is a fun group card/board game series where you race around the randomly placed dungeon, trying to get more loot than your opponents. Make spells to battle each other, using the ingenious three card spell system (for thousands of possible creations). Screw up their spells with troublesome Side Effects. Foil them with entertaining Trap and curse cards. Use helpful Items to aid your quest to grab all the Loot you can. There are currently THREE releases for this: The main game, the first expansion "Curses! Foiled Again", and the second expansion "Quick Change".

Purchase the PDF of the game or any of the expansions through RPGNow here.
Check out the sample document here for more information and pictures of cards.
See how the art progressed and grew, as well as seeing samples at my DeviantArt account.
Download the latest rules update (saving you from having to purchase an expansion to get it) currently v1.2

The History of the Game Versions

Lootin' Wizards started out as a PDF published game you had to print out and cut apart to play. First edition went on sale in 2006 and was quickly updated to Version 1.1 less than a month later. Sales have been steady since its release, but it has always been just a PDF game you had to do all the work yourself to make all the parts.

There have been had two expansions since the release of the original game, both also PDF only. With the release of the second expansion (Quick Change) there was also a major rules update (given out for free at this website) that changed the rules to Version 1.2 and fixed one small problem I noticed after years of watching play.

Then The Game Crafters POD version is considered to be Version 1.3 of the rules, although the only changes made from Version 1.2 were small, cosmetic, or made so it would work with TGC's game creation system. This version was then made obsolete by changes by The Game Crafters, so it's no longer available.

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