National Wrestling Game (N.W.G.)

I am working on this new wrestling role-playing game and wanted to create a central place to link to information about the progress of it. You can find out more about it in my blog posts, Twitter posts I make, and in some forums I frequent, including my own over at Land of Karn. I would love to have you check it out and comment.

The Blog as a Whole (Covering all games and ideas I post about)
All Posts Relating to the NWG (Including all updates on progress)

I also started making some other side things connected to the game, just for fun. This is mostly fun images of things relate to PPV events or character splash pages. Each PPV may be related to one of the two "shows" the NWG includes (or possibly both). As I make them I will add more.

The Two Main Televised Shows
NWG Extreme! (The B-Show, seen as more of the "Hardcore" show)
NWG Blast Zone! (The A-Show, where all the real superstars are)

The List of NWG Extreme! PPV Events
No Escape (Series of cage & survival related matches)
Spring Breakout (Beach show featuring "pretty" wrestlers)
The Ultimate Bash (Combined show "Best of" showcase event)
Retribution (Mostly deals with story fallout from TUB)
King of Hardcore (Four-man elimination match for title)
Apocalypse Brawl (Combined end of year big event show)

The List of NWG Blast Zone! PPV Events
Fallout (Wasteland theme dealing with the fallout from AB)
Underground (General event that starts the new "season")
Showdown (Semi-Western theme with "showdown" matches)
Rock 'n Rumble (Concert mentality with flashy mixed matches)
The Ultimate Bash (Combined show "Best of" showcase event)
Mid-Summer Mayhem (Summer show featuring "pretty" wrestlers)
World Wargames (Series of "deadly" war theme event matches)
Ring of Fear (Horror theme featuring the "monster" wrestlers)
No Retreat (Build up for AB and cleaning up minor stories)
Apocalypse Brawl (Combined end of year big event show)

This is the end of year cross-show PPV event to end everything for the year.

General game banner, version 1. Feel free to use this if you want to link to any NWG page or information.

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