Whispering Bluff

I am working on this new horror game and created a number of banners and avatars to represent it and it's two main worlds. You can find out all about it in my blog posts of late and in several forums I frequent, including my own over at Land of Karn. I would love to have you check it out and comment. Please use these if you want and display them, just don't alter them and make sure to give credit to me and my creation (links back to my main site would be appreciated) if you do.

The Blog as a Whole (Covering all games and ideas I post about)
All Posts Relating to Whispering Bluff (Including all updates on progress)
First of the Birth of the Game Series (about the initial idea)
Second of the Birth of the Game Series (about character creation)
Third of the Birth of the Game Series (about rules as they grow)
Fourth of the Birth of the Game Series (about the setting)

Forum Post with large amount of setting and other information.

The Banners and Avatars each match the style and look of each other, but are themed to match the three realities dealt with in the game. These are the "Real" world they start in and then the two evil worlds they are sucked into and bounce between. One of mist and light and one of rust and darkness.

Then there are the accompanying Avatars for each of the three banners. One for each of the three worlds (Real, Light, & Dark).

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